Bournes Pond (SC-13)

All areas in Bourne’s Pond are open north of the line of orange buoys spanning between #103 Bourne’s Pond Rd and Moonpenny Lane –pole 290/7 (Moonpenny Homeowners Interest parcel 45-17-029-015) and south of a line drawn from #64 Crowell Rd to the end of Mary Manuel Way. 

BOURNES POND FAMILY AREA: The Family Area at the Southern End of Bourne’s Pond, defined south of a line from the southeast corner of 41 Moonpenny Lane (Pole 290 over 7 – Moonpenny Homeowner’s Parcel 45-17-029-015) to the northwest corner of the property at 103 Bourne’s Pond Road, is open to shellfishing with a recreational permit only on Saturdays and Sundays only.

Please note: Jerk rakes, Bull rakes and “T” handled rakes are prohibited in Bourne’s Pond.
Bournes Pond Updated
Bournes Pond Closure Line North