Recyclable Materials


How & Where to Recycle

Single stream curbside collection of household recyclables is on alternate weeks. Just put your filled recycling cart out next to your regular household trash by 7 a.m. Recyclables and trash will be collected by separate trucks. Please review the official MA recycling guide below to be sure only acceptable materials go into your recycling cart.  Do NOT bag your recycling in plastic bags!

Placement of Recycling Cart- It's important to place your recycling cart within 5' of the edge of road or curb. Align the cart so the arrows on the lid are pointing towards the street. Proper placement is necessary so that the automated arm on the recycling truck can safely lift and dump the cart into the truck.

For mor information about recycling carts see

Falmouth Waste Management Facility offers many opportunities to recycle materials NOT accepted in your curbside cart such as batteries, clothing/textiles, books, mattresses, scrap metal and more. 

  1. Paper Products
  2. Glass
  3. Metal Cans
  4. Plastics

Recycle at Curbside:

  • Newspapers, Magazines, and Glossy Ad Inserts
  • Office Paper, Cardboard
  • Paperback books, Phone books
  • Junk (and other) mail
  • Paper Egg Cartons, cereal boxes, toy boxes
  • Clean corrugated cardboard
  • Pizza Boxes are accepted! Must be free of food residue and flattened.

How to Prepare

  • Paper and cardboard may be placed loose or in paper bags inside the cart. 
  • Remove and dispose of plastic or foil liners from cereal / food boxes.
  • Remove foam or bubble-wrap from packing boxes.
  • Break-down and flatten all cardboard boxes and put inside recycling cart.
  • All materials must be placed inside cart for collection.

Need Help Connecting with a Recycling Program? 

RecycleSearch helps find recycling drop-off locations, access practical recycling information, and connect with recycling organizations across North America. Look-Up Tool

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