Understand Which Items Are Unacceptable in Curbside Recycling


Do NOT place the following in your recycling bins: 

* Holiday String Lights are NOT allowed in curbside recycling receptacles! Please drop-off in specially marked receptacle at Falmouth Waste Management Facility through January 29, 2022. * 

  • No bags of any kind   
  • Do not tape bundles together
  • No candy wrappers or foil wrapping paper
  • No Tanglers- such as string lights, wires, hoses, chains, or clothes hangers
  • No clothing or textiles
  • No waxed or plastic-coated cardboard
  • No cigarette packs
  • No hardcover books
  • No paper towels, facial tissues or napkins
  • No plastic 6 pack holders
  • No wax or foil coated materials
  • No crystal glassware
  • No light bulbs, window glass, dishes, ceramics, PYREX, mirrors, broken glass
  • No aerosol cans
  • No oil cans
  • No pots and pans
  • No flower pots
  • No plastic bags of any kind
  • No snack food bags or sandwich bags
  • No Styrofoam of any kind
  • No BLACK plastic (such as take-out food containers)

Many "Hard to Recycle" items may be recycled at Falmouth Waste Management Facility 458 Thomas B. Landers Road.

Consider bringing useful goods to Pick of the Litter Swap Shop at Falmouth WMF.