Textile Recycling

Massachusetts residents and businesses throw away about 230,000 tons of usable textiles, including clothing, footwear, belts, hats, handbags, throw rugs, drapes, towels, sheets and other linens EVERY YEAR. 95% percent of this material can be reused as clothing, converted to wiping cloths, or recycled into new fiber-based products.

  • Keeping used textiles out of the trash reduces disposal costs for local government, businesses and residents.
  • Donating used textiles supports local organizations providing jobs and job training to Massachusetts residents.
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  • Mass DEP statement- Textile Recovery Fact Sheet- Mass DEP
  • Materials left in Textile boxes are sorted and graded according to quality and condition, and processed accordingly. Clean and wearable clothing will saved for re-use. Torn or shabby clothing, sheets, or drapes may be diverted to a recycler for shredding to make a variety of consumer and industrial products. 

Donate your wearable clothing to local second-hand stores, or drop-off clean, dry clothes or household textiles in collection bins at these convenient Falmouth locations:

Falmouth Waste Management Facility, 458 Thomas Landers Rd.

  • Salvation Army & American Red Cross Collection Boxes

Falmouth Public Elementary Schools & Morse Pond School

Learn about MORE Recycling Opportunities at BEYOND THE BIN RECYCLING DIRECTORY

For more information contact Falmouth Recycling & Solid Waste Coordinator.