Proposed Solid Waste Regulations

The Solid Waste Advisory Committee has asked the Falmouth Board of Health to adopt a regulation named:


There will be an in-person, public hearing on this proposed regulation on November 1, 2021 at 5:30 held at Falmouth Town Hall, 59 Town Hall Square, in the Lower Level Meeting Room.

If you wish to comment or provide any feedback prior to the meeting, please email the Health Department so your comments can be heard by the Board of Health prior to any decision.

Overview of the regulation:

• This regulation would establish a requirement for mandatory separation of recyclable materials from the solid waste stream. This requirement applies to all residential and commercial generators in the Town of Falmouth (residences and businesses), including organizers of events held within the Town of Falmouth.

• All waste haulers shall offer their customers (residences and businesses) a comprehensive, integrated program of collection that includes recycling.

• Waste Haulers may not dispose of recyclable materials set out by recycling customers by any means other than at a State-licensed recycling facility.

• Upon the initial provision of solid waste collection services to new customers, waste haulers shall notify customers, in writing, of the availability of the collection of recyclable material, the materials designated for recyclable collection, and such rules and regulations as established by the collector for the orderly collection of recyclable materials.

• In the event that the waste hauler declines to collect any materials, they will affix a printed non-collection notice to the rejected container(s) stating the reason for rejection and providing the waste hauler’s contact information for questions. The DPW will, when possible, assist the waste hauler with enforcement of the Mandatory Recycling Regulations and/or MassDEP Waste Bans by confirming to the public the obligation of both the waste hauler and the generator (commercial and residential) to comply with these regulations.

• The Board of Health and the Department of Public Works reserve the right to inspect collection vehicles and loads to ensure that they comply with all applicable state and local laws, by-laws, and regulations.

• The Town of Falmouth will inform all generators (residential and commercial) at least once per year that recycling is mandatory.

• The Board of Health, or its designee, will have the power to enforce this regulation.