Food Scrap Composting

Falmouth residents may drop-off Food Scraps at the Falmouth Waste Management Facility at 458 Thomas B. Landers Road. The WMF is open Tuesday through Saturday 8:00 am – 2:30 pm.  Collection containers are located in the Food Waste shed just inside the WMF gate. Food scraps should be placed directly in the bins or contained in certified compostable bags.  Do not place any plastic bags or any non-compostable containers in the collection bins. See link to specific list of acceptable materials below.

No sticker or fee is required to drop-off food waste.

Composting is a process that transforms organic materials such as food waste, leaves, yard waste, and certain paper products, into a natural soil amendment. Diverting these materials from solid waste stream reduces the amount of trash Falmouth sends to the landfill, reduces methane emissions in the landfill, and conserves natural resources.

View or Print List of Materials - Black Earth Compost- Accepted Materials

Black Earth Compost has a contract with the Town to collect, haul, and compost the materials. For more information visit or call 978-290-4610.

Compost Shed exterior