Davis Straits Form Based Code

This project involves changing the zoning in the Davis Straits area to "Form Based Code" to encourage a more livable, walkable neighborhood. Form based codes address the relationship between buildings and the "public realm" (streets, open spaces, and civic buildings and places), the form and mass of buildings in relationship to one another, and the scale and type of streets and blocks. Under this new zoning, private property owners will have a new array of options, any of which will work together over time to transform the corridor as development and redevelopment takes place in the future. More information about Form Based Code can be found in the Related Documents section below.

Want to find our more? Visit the project website: https://www.davis-straits.com

Working Group

In 2020, a Working Group was formed to guide this project. This group has been meeting to discuss the draft zoning bylaw that will ultimately be presented to Town Meeting for approval in the near future. Members include:

  • Pat Kerfoot, Planning Board
  • Jim Fox, Planning Board
  • Charlotte Harris, Planning Board
  • Megan English Braga, Select Board
  • Onjalé Scott Price, Select Board
  • Frank Duffy, Town Counsel
  • Tony Green, Private Citizen & Developer


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