Recycling Carts

FAQ’s: Falmouth Recycling Cart Program May 2022


I hear Falmouth is getting new Recycling Carts. How do I get one?

  • A new Recycling Cart will be delivered to each eligible dwelling that currently receives municipal curbside Trash & Recycling service.


When will I get my new Cart?

  • The Carts are anticipated to be distributed to residences this summer. The delivery process will take approximately 3 weeks. Residents will receive a postcard announcing the cart roll-out one month prior to delivery.


Why is Falmouth buying new Recycling Carts when we already have bins?

  • Falmouth Town Meeting approved this expenditure in November 2021.
  • Large, wheeled carts will help residents recycle better and in larger quantities than with bins.
  • Standardized carts allow automated collection which is safer and faster than manual collection.
  • The new carts have lids, which will help keep materials dry in wet weather.
  • Lidded carts will help keep paper and lightweight plastics from blowing out of open-top bins, reducing the amount of roadside litter which is a town-wide headache.


Why do I need to recycle more?

  • Per Mass DEP regulation 310 CMR 19; materials banned from disposal include glass, metal, and plastic containers, paper, and cardboard. All residents should recycle all of these materials.
  • Landfill space is very limited and expensive, and must be saved for non-recyclable materials
  • Falmouth’s curbside diversion rate is approx. 21%, while the national average is approx. 32%.
  • Resources required to make new glass, plastic, paper, and metal are limited, and a robust recycling industry saves natural resources.


How will large recycling carts help me recycle more?

  • Large carts will accommodate Every Other Week recycling collection, even with the increasing amounts of consumer packaging, especially cardboard, that residents use.
  • Increased size of recycling containers paired with decreased size of allowed trash containers is a proven strategy for improving residential recycling rates and reducing trash tonnage.


Do I have to use the new recycling cart?

  • Yes. Residents must use the new recycling carts provided by the Town. Recycling drivers will not pick up materials not placed in carts when the program begins. Recyclable materials should be placed loose in the cart, not in plastic bags.


I already have a wheeled recycling cart. Why can’t I keep using it?

  • The new carts are standard size and designed with automated collection in mind.
  • Each cart will have an embedded Radio Frequency ID Tag (RFID) which will be registered to the cart’s assigned street address and can provide data to a RFID reading device.


What should I do with my old recycling bin that I can’t use any more?

  • Residents may re-use their old recycling bins for other uses at home, work, or in the garden.
  • Residents may drop-off broken or unwanted old recycling bins at Falmouth Waste Management Facility, 458 Thomas B. Landers Road between July 15 – Labor Day, 2022. Old bins will be offered for re-use or sent to a rigid plastic recycling facility.
  • Old recycling bins should not be put in your curbside trash or recycling cart.


What if I want a smaller recycling cart?

  • Per Mass DEP guidelines, 95 Gallon carts are recommended for communities with Every Other Week recycling collection. All residents will be delivered a 95 Gallon cart. After six months, a qualifying application will be available for residents who wish to request a 64 Gallon cart. An application will be posted at that time at .


Can I Bag my recyclable materials?

  • No, never put recyclable materials in plastic bags. Plastic bags and plastic wrap can damage and disrupt sorting machinery in the recycling facility. Plastic, metal, and glass materials should always be placed loose in the cart. Paper and cardboard may be bagged in brown paper bags.


When can I start using my new cart?

  • Please start using your new cart immediately. With the exception of a few parts of town, your recycling day will not change.
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