Emerald Properties Project

This "Emerald Properties Project" is a town initiative intended to 1) help address the ongoing affordable housing crisis, 2) create an all-inclusive, multi-generational play space, 3) respect the historic significance of the Emerald House, and 4) continue to provide a place for the Community Gardens. Specifically, the town hopes to use the available land on #67 and #81 Davisville Road in East Falmouth to bring all of these uses together. A key component of the project is getting feedback from the public - below are the ways we intend to do that in the coming months.


9/11/23 - The Select Board directed town staff to table the affordable housing portion of the Emerald Properties Project due to issues identified by the neighborhood. Of particular concern were the impact to the water quality of Green Pond, the potential housing density, additional traffic, and potential safety issues. If time permits in the future, staff may pursue finding alternatives, if any, to the original project that may address the issues identified by the neighbors and bring those alternatives, if any, back to the Select Board for consideration.

Meanwhile, town staff will now be working with the Commission on Disabilities investigating other potential town-owned sites that might work for the accessible play space. In the end, if no other sites are suitable, the play space may move forward on the #81 Davisville Road property in order to satisfy concerns related to the site being visible from the roadway. Watch the video to find out more.

6/8/23 - After correcting the error on the conceptual master plan and receiving Select Board approval, staff has officially advanced to the civic engagement stage of the project. Watch the video to find out more

2/27/23 - The Select Board authorized the town team to move into the civic engagement stage of the project. Watch the video to find out more.

Emerald Properties Project Conceptual Master Plan 5.22.23

Civic Engagement Program

To ensure that the public has ample opportunity to provide feedback on this conceptual plan, the town team, with help from coUrbanize, has created a dedicated project website. This website will act as the central repository for all information about the project and the place where the public can provide feedback about the project.