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                                                                    Information on Hurricane Lee as of 1:34 pm 9/15/23

Hurricane Lee Updates & Preparedness Information

Hurricane Lee

 Tropical Storm Warning in Effect for this Saturday in Falmouth

Although the track of Lee has shifted further east of Cape Cod, impacts are still expected and a Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for all of coastal Massachusetts, including Falmouth, until further notice.

The strongest wind gusts should be expected to remain on the outer Cape and Islands, with gusts to 60mph possible, with lesser winds of 40 MPH expected in Falmouth. Storm Surge Watches are also in effect for the Lower Cape and Nantucket where 2-4 feet of inundation is possible. Falmouth is expected to receive between 1 - 2 inches of rain. The most significant coastal flooding is expected to impact the northern shoreline of Cape Cod and Nantucket.

Winds from Hurricane Lee will begin around 8:00 p.m. Friday with peak winds from the west/northwest around 5:00 a.m. Saturday morning. The wind force is expected to decrease by noon on Saturday.

The most probable impacts from Lee will be rough surf, rip currents, and beach erosion. Power outages are likely, especially on the Cape and the Islands, and localized flooding is possible.

Due to Falmouth's geography, and the predicted tides and wind direction for this weekend, Town staff do not believe there is a significant risk for coastal flooding in town at this time. However, the Town is encouraging everyone to prepare – especially those in low-lying areas and those along the coast.

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