Recyclable Materials

If there are any questions or complaints about recycling days or what is acceptable to recycle, please contact Republic Services at 508-398-9222 or 800-352-7808, Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

Where to Recycle

Curbside- Single Stream - Just put your filled recycling bin out next to your regular household rubbish by 7 a.m. Recyclables and rubbish will be collected by separate trucks. (Note: If you've accidentally discarded something that cannot be recycled, we'll leave it in your bin with a note to let you know why it is not recyclable)
  1. Paper Products
  2. Glass
  3. Metal Cans
  4. Plastics

What to Recycle

  • Newspapers and glossy inserts
  • Paper
  • Phone books and paperback books
  • Junk (and other) mail
  • Egg Cartons, cereal boxes, toy boxes
  • Clean corrugated cardboard (cannot be stained with food particles)
  • Waxed or coated paper (including milk or juice cartons)
Note: when shopping, please request paper bags and use to bundle your paper recycling.

How to Prepare

  • Place newspapers, glossy inserts, magazines, phone books, junk mail, white, colored and computer paper together in paper bags next to blue bin
  • Remove plastic or foil liner from cereal boxes and packaging boxes, place in paper bags
  • Flatten and bundle cardboard, or place in paper bags. Bundle size not to exceed 2 feet x 2 feet. Twine may used to tie bundles.

Do Not Include

  • Do not place in plastic bags
  • Do not tape bundles together
  • No candy wrappers or foil wrapping paper
  • No cigarette packs
  • No hardcover books
  • No paper towels, facial tissues or napkins
  • No plastic 6 pack holders
  • No wax or foil coated materials
Note: Some paper products, such as paper towels or napkins, may be composted in your backyard. 

Where to Recycle
Waste Management Facility- Hard to Recycle & Bulky Items - Many "hard to recycle" items are collected at Falmouth's WMF and prepared for transfer to recycling facilities. Sorry, but "curbside" materials are not accepted at WMF.