Knox Boxes

A Knox Box contains a key to your residence. It is secured to the outside of your house by the Fire Rescue Department. In the case of an emergency (medical or fire), the Fire Rescue Department is able to gain entry into your home without causing damage. Only the Fire Rescue Department is able to gain entry to the Knox Box and therefore entry into your home.

Purpose of a Knox Box

When emergency responders are not able to enter a home, they look for alternate entry routes, but cannot always find the best place to enter. Valuable time is taken up and the ensuing damage to the home can be very expensive to fix.

When an emergency exists and the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department is called to the scene, they will check to see if a Knox Box is in place if no one can give them entry to the home. At that time they will radio the Fire Rescue Department Dispatcher to release (via radio wave) the Knox Box key in their vehicle. This master key is then used to open the Box. At the conclusion of the emergency visit, the house key is once again returned to the locked Knox Box. At no time is the Knox Box master key carried around by emergency personnel.

Who Should Obtain a Knox Box

All people who have a Personal Emergency Response System, such as medical alert services, or who would rely on fast response calls for emergency aid. In addition, people who live alone would also be well served to have this convenience.

How to Obtain a Knox Box

Knox Boxes are obtainable from the Knox Company (call 800-552-5669) and/or and must be installed by the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department. There are two models available: Knox-Box Residential #1658 (holds 2 keys) or Knox HomeBox (1 key only).  Let them know that you want the Box keyed to the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department in Falmouth Massachusetts. Call the Fire Rescue Department 508-495-2530) when you have received the Knox Box and have a copy of your door key. The Box will be installed at no cost to you by the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department.

Loaner Knox Boxes

Periodically, a Knox Box is available as a loaner for those who are income/asset eligible as defined: Your income must be below $40,000 for a couple or below $30,000 for a single person, and you must have less than $50,000 in assets excluding your home and automobile.

If you are eligible for a loaner Knox Box please go to the Falmouth Senior Center for paperwork to be filled out and forwarded to the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department. In turn, the Fire Rescue Department will contact you for a date of installation.

The Knox Box must be returned to the Falmouth Fire Rescue Department when you are no longer in need of it.