Combined Permit Process

The Little Pond Sewer Service Area (LPSSA) sewer project is complete.  All owners of developed property within the Service Area were required per Town code §180-6 to connect to the sewer system.  The connection of the building to the sewer lateral in accordance with Town guidelines was each property owner’s responsibility.  Below is information that was provided to property owners about the permitting process.

Before beginning to connect the sewer system, property owners or their representatives must apply for and receive all applicable permits.  For most single family residential sewer connections, a single online LPSSA Combined Permit will cover all permit requirements.  

For multi-family or commercial property connections, all required permits must be applied for individually, as they would be normally for any construction project.

Sewer Connection Permits – Single Family Residential

Sewer connections in the Little Pond Sewer Service Area must be overseen by a plumber licensed in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in accordance with Chapter §180-6 of the Code of Falmouth, as amended at the April 2015 Annual Town Meeting.  

For single-family residential properties, the Town has developed a streamlined online permit application process which involves one application (and a single $50 fee) for all Town permits required for a sewer connection in the LPSSA.  All single-family residential applications for LPSSA sewer connections must be submitted using the online combined permit application process.

It is recommended that the online permit application be completed by the property owner’s selected plumber, or by whoever is most familiar with the details of the connection plan – detailed information about the installation and the contractors involved is required to complete the application.  In order to complete the application, the applicant will need:
 -   A printer, scanner, and the ability to upload a file (file must be a .jpeg or .pdf
 -   Contact information for owner and each contractor: plumber, excavator, electrician, etc.
 -   Completed acknowledgement form (form can be printed during the application process)
 -   Sewer connection plan (to be provided on a site plan which can be printed, along with plan requirements and the property's sewer tie card during the application process
 -   Septic system abandonment plan (to be provided on a site plan, with descriptions
 -   Where applicable, information to complete the Conservation Commission form (to be provided during the application process)
 -   Payment information (credit card information)

 The applicant will be prompted to create an account, then to provide the information listed above. The identified plumber and electrician will also have to create an account, and electronically "sign" each application.

If the applicant does not have the ability to print or scan or requires in-person assistance with this application, he/she may call 508-457-2543, ext. 3091 to make an appointment with Kyle Swanstrom, LPSSA Project Coordinator, for assistance.

Once the online Combined Permit Application process has been completed, the application will be reviewed electronically and concurrently by all required Town departments. Those who have created accounts in the permit system (property owners, plumbers, electricians, etc) will be able to login and check the status of any applications on which they are listed.  After all required Town departments have approved the application, the Combined Permit will be issued via email to the applicant.

Work beyond that required for a basic sewer connection (home additions, major internal plumbing modification, etc.) may require additional permits, not covered under the Combined Permit process or fee.  The applicant is responsible for acquiring any additional permits needed for this additional work.

The plumber is responsible for installing the sewer connection in accordance with the sewer service installation guidance documents provided by the Town with the Combined Permit, and, in the case of pump installation, with manufacturer's installation instructions.

The property shall not be connected to the Town sewer system until the required inspections have been completed (Sewer/Plumbing, Health for septic abandonment, Electrical if pump is included.  For grinder pump installations, after the Town inspections have been completed, the plumber must contact the manufacturer’s representative to schedule a final “start-up” inspection.  The installation must pass inspection by the Manufacturer’s Representative in order to activate the 5-year warranty and initiate warranty service.

Failure to properly request and undergo required inspections at the appropriate times may result in additional costs and/or problems with closing out the permits.

Sewer Connection Permits – Commercial or Multi-Family Residential

For commercial and multi-unit residential properties, the normal Town permitting processes for any construction project will apply.  A sewer connection permit application must be completed at the Department of Public Works, along with a proposed plan for the work and payment of the fee ($200 for commercial, $50/unit for multi-family).  An engineered sewer connection plan will be required for all but the simplest commercial and multi-family sewer connections.  

All other permits that are required for the commercial or multi-family sewer connection (for example, plumbing, electrical, trench, septic abandonment) must be acquired individually as they normally would be.  

All inspections normally required to initiate use of the sewer connection and close out those permits must be completed as well.  Failure to properly request and undergo required inspections at the appropriate times may result in additional costs and/or problems with closing out the permits.