Septage Receiving Hours, Hauler Requirements & Fees

Septage receiving hours

  • Weekdays except Wednesdays: 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Wednesday: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
  • Sundays and Holidays: We do not accept septage on Sundays or Holidays.

Septage Hauler Requirements and Fees 

  • After hours surcharge = $100/load
  • Septage fees:
    • October 1st through March 31st: $80/1,000 gallons
    • April 1st through September 30th: $95/1,000 gallons
  • Grease discharge requirements:
    • Follow posted rules for grease discharge, including notification of Wastewater Treatment Facility operator before discharge of grease, and no mixed grease/septage loads
  • Haulers to provide discharge hoses
  • Haulers must get a permit and a license and register at the plant and weigh in prior to first delivery (see process below)
Septage Hauler Licenses / Permits


The process to become a licensed and permitted septage hauler in the Town of Falmouth is as follows:

1) Hauler applies for Septage Discharge Permit from the Wastewater Division by providing, by mail or in person, to the Department of Public Works Wastewater Division, 416 Gifford Street, Falmouth MA 02540:
 -   Septage Discharge Permit Fee: Check for $50.00 made out to Town of Falmouth
 -   A letter requesting permission to haul septage in Town of Falmouth and listing:
 -  Company billing name, billing address and phone number, and
 -  The following information about each truck they will be using: Make, model, year, capacity (gallons), license plate #.
The Wastewater Superintendent then sends a Septage Discharge Permit letter back to the hauler (ccing Billing Coordinator and Health Department), with information and conditions/requirements. 

2)  Hauler applies for a Septage Haulers License from the Falmouth Health Department ((508) 495-7485, Town Hall). The fee for the license from the Health Department is $100.00 and that license must be renewed annually.  (The health department may inspect truck before giving license).

3)  Prior to first septage delivery, hauler brings each truck empty to the wastewater plant for a tare weight and a truck card.   Hauler will need to present a valid license from the Board of Health and a permit from the Wastewater Division in order to register at the plant.  After initial weigh-in, hauler will get a card for the truck; a separate card is required for each truck (because each card reflects the empty weight of the specific truck).  If a hauler gets a new truck after receiving a Septage Discharge permit, hauler must bring that new truck empty to the WWTF to get a new tare weight and new card for the truck.

4)  Hauler may now discharge at the WWTF.  Discharge process is:
- Driver drives onto scale, stops on the scale at the scale terminal.
- Driver scans truck card at the scale terminal, then enters the address(es) of septage origin.
- Driver drives to the discharge point and discharges septage
- Driver cleans up as needed.

5)  Billing Coordinator bills haulers once a month for septage discharged at WWTF.

Out of Town Septage Policy

  • Only septage generated within Town of Falmouth will be accepted for disposal
  • The origin of each load must be entered into the scale computer before discharge

Overdue Septage Bills Policy

  • Septage bills must be paid within 25 days of billing
  • Failure to comply results in suspension of unloading privileges

Septage Truck Leakage Requirement

  • Leakage of trucks onto roadways will result in revocation of Septage Hauling and Discharge Permits