Agenda Policy


  • Agenda items shall be submitted in writing at 7 days prior to the scheduled meeting. Items should be submitted to the chairman who will approve them and forward them to the harbormaster for posting.
  • Individuals wishing to be placed on the agenda must make their request in writing and specifically state the nature of the topic they wish to discuss.
  • Items not listed on the agenda and posted prior to the meeting may be discussed if dosing so is deemed to be in the best interest of the town. The Committee shall vote to waive 7 day notice prior to considering a non-agenda item.
  • Agenda and member packets will be available on the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting at the harbormasters office. Once posted, the agenda will be emailed to committee members who have provided email addresses to the department.
  • Correspondence directed to the Committee will be placed in the correspondence file for review at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the committee. Time sensitive correspondence will be forwarded to the chairman.
  • The agenda format shall include the following items:
    • Call to order
    • Review and approval of past minutes
    • Items listed pursuant to the rules above
    • Old Business
    • Correspondence
    • Harbormasters Report

Legal Notes

Approved by WWC vote on: August 14, 2007