Marina Regulations

2019 Marina Transient Dockage

Check In & Check Out

Check in time is after 1 p.m. Boats are expected to vacate their assigned slip by 11 a.m. on the last day of the reservation. Boats failing to leave their slip by 11 a.m. without prior permission of the Marina staff will be subject to additional fees, penalties, and/or boat removal by our department. Boaters are expected to pay their entire balance at the time of check in.

Slip Assignments

Slip assignments are subject to change without notice.

Car Parking

Patrons are allowed to park one car, in the assigned slip space, on the lower level. All other cars must be parked on the upper level only. All cars must have a temporary parking pass displayed on the rear-view mirror at all times while parked at the town marina.

Outdoor Cooking

Stoves and other cooking devices are prohibited on town property. All cooking must be done on board your boat.


The discharge of any treated or untreated boat sewage is strictly prohibited in Falmouth Harbor. Pump-Out services are free and mandatory.


Private yachtsman only restrooms/showers are available to any boat renting a slip at the town marina. One key per slip/boat will be provided with a $20 security deposit. Failure to return the key by the last day of your stay will result in loss of your security deposit.

Pollution Prohibited

The dumping or discharge of oil, sewage, dead fish, garbage, waste, rubbish, or debris of any kind into Falmouth Harbor is prohibited.

Proper Line

Boat owners are responsible to ensure their boats are properly tied to the dock at all times. Lines should be fastened in such a way as to properly account for the rise and fall of the tide.

Property Damage

Boat owners are responsible for any damage caused to town property by their boats.

General Health, Fire & Police Regulations

All boats using the marina shall observe all police, fire, health, and sanitary regulations of the town. Owners or operators of such boats shall not permit acts contrary to good order, public safety or public health including public profanity, obscene language, or indecent exposure. Unnecessary noise, the playing of loud music or musical instruments between the hours of 11 p.m. and 8 a.m. is prohibited.