Clerk (Town Clerk)



The Town Clerk's office is responsible for the maintenance of factual public records. It records all the Town Meeting decisions, the actions of the Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, Conservation Commission, and Board of Selectmen.

Official Records

The Town Clerk's Office issues marriage licenses, business certificates, physician registrations, underground fuel storage registrations and dog licenses. The Town Clerk's office keeps all official records of births, deaths, and marriages.


The Town Clerk's office is responsible for the administration of fair and accurate elections. The Clerk's office certifies petition signatures for candidates or ballot questions, certifies election results and supervises any recounts. The Clerk's office maintains the voting list, registers people to vote and processes the annual census.

Town Seal

The Clerk is the keeper of the Town Seal. The Clerk's signature and seal is required on all official documents of the town in order to be recognized as a true and attested copy. The Town Clerk's office administers the oath of office to all elected and appointed persons. The Town Clerk's office also has several Notaries.