Voter Registration


Any person who is a resident of Massachusetts and a United States citizen and will be eighteen years of age on or before election day may register to vote.

Registration Options


You may now register to vote online. Visit the Secretary of the Commonwealth website for Online Registration You must have a valid identification card or license issued by the Registry of Motor Vehicles to register to vote, update your address or change party enrollment online.

In Person

You may register in person by visiting the Town Clerk's Office in Town Hall and completing a voter registration form.

Mail-In Registration Forms

Mail-in Registration Forms (PDF) can also be downloaded. Or you may obtain a mail-in registration form from the lobby of Town Hall, the main branch of the Falmouth Public Library, any United States Post Office, or by calling the State Elections Division at (800)-462-VOTE.

You may also register when applying for or renewing your driver's license at the Registry of Motor Vehicles.


If you have registered to vote by mail after January 1, 2003 you will be asked for a valid form of identification before voting.

Information Update

If you have moved within the Town of Falmouth, you will need to notify the Town Clerk's Office of your new address in writing. If you are registered in another town or state and you move to Falmouth you will need to register again.

Registration Timeline

You must register 10 days before all primaries and elections to be eligible to vote in that primary or election.

If you have not received confirmation of your registration from the Town Clerk's Office within 2 or 3 weeks please contact us to verify your status.