Absentee Ballot

Voting in person by Absentee Ballot .

Voters who are unable to vote on Election Day may apply for an Absentee Ballot. State law limits the availability of absentee ballots to three circumstances only:

  • You may vote by absentee ballot if you will be absent from Falmouth on Election Day
  • You may vote by absentee ballot if you have a physical disability that prevents your voting at a polling place
  • You may vote by absentee ballot if you cannot vote at the polls due to religious beliefs.


Applications for absentee ballots are available by request from the Town Clerk's Office. Applications can also be downloaded online. An application filled out by a family member may also be submitted in person or by mail. The voter or a family member may submit an application. The deadline for applying for an absentee ballot is 5 business days before the election. 

If you wish to vote by absentee ballot for more than one election in a year you may make one application and request that ballots for all elections during that calendar year be sent to you.

Mail-In Deadlines

If you vote by mail, make certain the application arrives at the Town Clerk's Office with enough time for you to receive a ballot by mail and that ballot returned to the Town Clerk's Office by the day of the election.