Special Events

Special Events

An individual or group seeking to sponsor an event must submit a "Special Event Application" form to the Town Manager’s Office at least 60 days in advance of the event date.  Exceptions may be made for small events at the discretion of the Town Manager (e.g. a small wedding, etc.).  All applications will be reviewed by the "Special Events Internal Staff Working Group" appointed by the Town Manager.  The Internal Staff Working Group review will include at a minimum a posted public meeting at which the public is invited to comment on the application.  The Internal Staff Working Group shall provide its recommendation to the Town Manager who may deny or approve the application with any conditions deemed necessary to meet the purposes of the Policy.  See "Internal Staff Working Group Charge" for further details regarding the composition and review procedure.  No Special Event shall be held without the approval of the Town Manager and any other Town department that has jurisdiction over the facility at which the event takes place.  An applicant may appeal the Town Manager’s decision to the Select Board.

To check the availability of your requested site, and to determine if your event requires any other permits, please contact our office at (508) 495-7320 or email us at townmanager@falmouthma.gov.

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