Current Wastewater Management in Falmouth

The Town's Wastewater Division operates two wastewater systems: the Main Wastewater System with a treatment facility on Blacksmith Shop Road in West Falmouth, and the New Silver Beach Wastewater System with a smaller treatment facility on William Road in North Falmouth.  The Wastewater System Overview Map shows the locations of the two treatment facilities and locations of gravity sewers and sewer force mains in Falmouth.

The Town's wastewater treatment facilities treat wastewater from the properties connected directly to the sewer, and the Town’s Main wastewater treatment facility accepts and processes septage pumped from all of the individual cesspools and septic systems in Town.

Cesspools & Septic Systems

Cesspools and septic systems are inspected by the Town's Public Heath Department. Cesspools and septic tanks should generally be pumped out a minimum of every 3 years, though pumping can be required more frequently due to a variety of causes, including system load rate, water table elevation, soil characteristics, etc. You can get your septic system pumped by hiring a private septage hauler, listed in the phone book. The haulers will pump the septage (sludge and liquid) from your cesspool or septic tank into a truck and haul it to the Town's Main Wastewater Treatment Facility, where they will be charged by weight for disposal.