Birth, Marriage, & Death Certificates

Birth, death, and marriage certificates may be obtained in person at the Town Clerk's Office. They may also be obtained through the mail by sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope with a check made out to the Town of Falmouth.  The name of the individual for whom the record is requested, the date of the record, and maiden name for a marriage certificate should be included.

Restricted Records

Most vital records are public record with the exception of restricted records. Birth certificates are restricted records if the child is born out of wedlock. These records are limited to the Mother, the Father (if listed on the birth record) and the child (16 years or older) with proper I.D.

Marriage certificates are restricted records if the Bride's or Groom's parents were not married at the time of the Bride's or Groom's birth. These records are limited to only the Bride or Groom with a proper I.D.

Death certificates have no restrictions.


The Fee for a certified copy of a vital record is $10.