List of Significant Buildings

Determining if on the List

To determine whether your building is on the 'List of Significant Buildings', check with the Town Clerk's Office on the main floor of Town Hall. The Clerk's office will issue a certified notice to the Building Department stating whether or not the structure is on the List.

If the building is not on the 'List of Significant Buildings' or in a historic district, the building department will process the application without requiring approval from either historic board.

List of Significant Buildings

If the building is on the 'List of Significant Buildings', the date on which the request is recorded by the Town Clerk shall be the commencement of a twelve-month demolition delay period. The Historical Commission will schedule a time to meet with the applicant to perform an advisory review.

The Historical Commission will assist and encourage the applicant to seek out alternatives to demolition that will preserve, rehabilitate, or restore the building. If demolition is to proceed, the Commission will require that the applicant provide suitable documentation of the building for the permanent records of the Commission. In their review, the Commission may request access to the building for a site visit.