Town Meeting


Virtual Town Meeting 
January 25, 2021 at 7:00pm 

  • Town Meeting will act on the Town Meeting Warrant for the meeting originally scheduled for November 16, 2020.

  • Town Meeting Members must Pre-Register to participate in the Zoom teleconference. For details, on how to register see Fact Sheet for Town Meeting Member Participation.

  • Note that Zoom will look and function differently than what you might be accustomed to from prior experience with Zoom for social meetings or business meetings. See above Fact Sheet and Zoom Reference Card for further information.

  • Public access to view the Virtual Town Meeting and the January 13th Precinct Meeting is available via the following public link:

  • NOTE: this public link is for viewing only. Anyone who joins via this public link will not have access to be seen or heard. Town Meeting members should refer to instructions for access to the link for member participation.

  • Precinct Meetings to be held Thursday, January 7th at 7:00pm and Wednesday, January 13th at  7:00pm. These meeting are open to Town Meeting Members from all Precincts. 
    • Town Meeting Members must Pre-Register to participate in precinct meetings. If you have verified an email address with the Town Clerk, you will have received an email from virtualtownmeeting@falmouthma.govwith a link and instructions to access the Precinct meetings via Zoom.
    • If  you did not receive a link, email from the email address you will use to log into Zoom, write "need link and instructions" in the subject line and be sure to include your full name and precinct in the body of the message.


Art#1 & #2 - Capital Budget Presentation

Art#3: Transfer of Mullen Hall School Land

Art# 4: Solar P.I.L.O.T. Agreement with Cape Cod Fairgrounds Presentation

Art#5 - #9 - Charter Review Committee Presentation

APRIL 12, 2021 Annual Spring Town Meeting