Committees, Commissions and Boards

The Falmouth Select Board announces the following vacancies and is accepting applications:

All Town Committee Vacancies

CommitteeTerm Until
Affirmative Action Committee (1 position)6/30/25
Affordable Housing Committee (2 positions)6/30/24
Beach Committee (1 position)6/30/25
Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee (1 position)6/30/23
Board of Health (1 position)6/30/25
Board of Survey (2 positions)6/30/24
Building Code Board of Appeals (1 position)6/30/25
Cable Advisory Committee (3 positions) 6/30/23, 6/30/24, 6/30/25
Cape Light Compact (1 position, 1 alternate position)6/30/23, 6/30/24
Commission on Disabilities (3 positions)6/30/23, 6/30/24, 6/30/25
Commission on Substance Use (2 positions)6/30/24, 6/30/25
Community Preservation Committee (1 position)6/30/23
Conservation Commission (1 full position, 2 alternate positions)6/30/25
Constable (1 position)6/30/24
Cultural Council (4 positions)6/30/24, 6/30/25
Edward Marks Building Advisory Committee (1 position)12/31/24
Energy Committee (1 position)6/30/23
Historical Commission (1 alternate position)6/30/24
Human Services Committee (3 positions)6/30/23, 6/30/24, 6/30/25
Solid Waste Advisory Committee (1 position)6/30/23
South Cape Beach Advisory Committee (1 position)6/30/25
Taskforce on Sustainable Living for Falmouth’s Workforce (7 – 9 members)5/1/23
Transportation Committee (3 positions)6/30/24, 6/30/25
Zoning Board of Appeals (2 full positions, 1 associate position)6/30/25, 6/30/27, 6/30/26

Application deadline for these vacancies is Thursday July 8, 2022.

Please submit applications to the Office of the Town Manager and Select Board, or email to   

Interviews will be conducted by the Select Board at its meeting on Monday, July 11, 2022.

Taskforce on Sustainable Living for Falmouth's Workforce Families

Deadline for applications extended to July 15, 2022

The mission of the Taskforce is to prepare for Select Board consideration an action plan to promote a better quality of life for working individuals and families in Falmouth.   The Taskforce will consider potential actions related to service needs (e.g. childcare, housing support); providing financial resources for low and moderate income individuals and families; and policy change (e.g. zoning, tax policy).  To develop this action plan, the Taskforce will gather information on best practices from other municipalities and thought leaders.  The Taskforce will solicit community input on proposed action items making a concerted effort to include participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds.  Click here for more information.