Precinct Meetings

All Meetings will be held on Zoom. A link will be sent to Town Meeting Members prior to the meeting for their Precinct. Any member of the public wishing to speak at a Precinct Meeting should contact Town Clerk Michael Palmer, He will inform Precinct Captain and send you a link to the meeting.

Precinct 1, 2 and 3                March 31st                7pm     

Precinct 4 and 7                   April 1st                     7pm  

Precinct 5 and 6                    April 8th                   7pm      

Precinct 8 and 9                    April 7th                   7pm                           

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Precinct Captains, Deputies and Clerks will schedule precinct meetings approximately one to two weeks prior to Town Meeting. Meetings will be post on this page.

 Goals of the precinct meetings

  • Increase and improve communication with all Town Meeting members by informing them about issues relating to upcoming Town Meetings

  • Prepare Town Meeting members to actively contribute to Town Meeting

  • Encourage Town Meeting members to reach out for broader community contributions

  • Involve more town residents in Town Meeting process

 Guidelines for precinct meetings

  • Captain should set clear guidelines on how the meeting will be run.

  • Should always be non-partisan and not advocate for or against any issue.

  • Precinct Captain may moderate or ask another Town Meeting member to assist as moderator; both should be familiar with the warrant.

  • Supporters of an article should know that they have a limited amount of time for their presentation and questions (suggestion is 10 minutes total, depending on length of warrant).

  • Utilize representatives of Town boards and committees to answer questions.

  • Captains should be flexible with the order in which article are discussed, representatives of the Town and Supporters of an article may have more than one meeting to attend

  • It is the responsibility of supporters of an article of who wish to make a presentation, to let the Captain know prior to the meeting.

  • A certain amount of discussion is healthy, but encourages attendees to save actual debate of articles for Town Meeting.