Where is the Shelter?

Shelter Location - Falmouth High School
  • Shelter Information

The Town’s shelter is located at:
Falmouth High School
874 Gifford Street

The shelter is only open when the Town Emergency Management Director deems there is a need due to an impending emergency.

The shelter will open several hours before the impending event to ensure that residents have enough time to pack for and travel to its location and to ensure that travel is not occurring during an event.

The shelter opening will be announced on the town webpage.

The Falmouth Emergency Preparedness Facebook page, FCTV Channel 13 and 15 and 99.9 WQRC FM radio station.

The shelter may be opened during an expected hurricane or flood surge threat to provide a safe and secure environment out of expected threat zones.

The shelter may also be opened during a severe winter storm, which has resulted in widespread power outages, to provide residents with a warm respite from cold homes.

The extent the shelter remains open is determined by the Town Emergency Management Director based on the severity of the situation.

Remember - A shelter is a lifeboat, not a cruise ship.

Our mission in the shelter is to provide residents with the basics - a safe and secure place to get you through the situation at hand.

What to Bring to the Shelter

If you go to the shelter, you should bring the following items for each member of your family:

  • Personal toiletries
  • Towels
  • Prescription medication and over the counter medication used daily
  • Change of clothes for 2 to 3 days
  • Any personal essentials you or your family may need
  • Games, cards, or reading materials
  • Any special/required food items for you or your family's well being

Before leaving for the shelter be sure to let family or friends outside of the area know where you are going.

Falmouth is also one of six Red Cross Regional Shelters.

These shelters, when activated, will be staffed with specially trained shelter personnel and will have a medical component that can address non-emergency medical needs as well as an animal sheltering unit that can accommodate domestic house pets separate from people.

Shelter Rules