Public Records Request

Town of Falmouth SealThe Town of Falmouth is committed to open government and improved transparency through increased access to public records. The guidelines and information below are intended to assist members of the public seeking access to public records in the custody of the Town of Falmouth. Effective January 1, 2017, the Massachusetts Public Records Law, G.L. c.66 and c.4, §7(26) provides that a municipality must, within 10 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays), respond to a request for records by providing access to or a copy of such records, or explaining any delay or denial. 

General information about the public records law and public records requests is found in the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s, “A Guide to the Massachusetts Public Records Law,” January 2017 edition, found online at:  

Public Records Access Guidelines

Public Records Request Submission Options

Records Access Officers

The following Records Access Officers (RAO) have been designated by the Town Manager. Records Access Officers are available to answer questions concerning and help facilitate the making of public records requests for their individual departments. The Town Clerk is available to assist you in identifying the appropriate department with custody of the records you are requesting.  

Town Manager/Selectmen Peter Johnson-Staub 508-495-7320
Accounting Victoria Rose 508-495-7392
Affirmative Action Officer Denise Coleman 508-495-7332
Animal Control 457-2552 Gregg Fraser 508-457-2550
Assessors Jessica Kowzic 508-495-7379
Beaches Maggie Clayton 508-548-8623
Building Department Pam Marshall 508-495-7570
Clerk Michael Plamer 508-495-7353
Commission on Disabilities Denise Coleman 508-495-7332
Community Preservation Carole Sutherland 508-495-7436
Conservation Amy Coughlin 508-495-7444
Council on Aging Jill Bishop 508-540-0196
DPW  Peter McConarty 508-457-2543
DPW-Engineering  James Mcloughlin 508-457-2543
DPW-Highway James Grady 508-457-2543
DPW Parks  Jeremiah Pearson 508-457-2543
DPW- Business Systems Manager Samantha Moir 508-457-2543
DPW-Facilities Maintenance  Dan Moniz 508-457-2543
DPW-Water Department  Stephen Rafferty 508-457-2543
DPW-Wastewater Management Amy Lowell 508-457-2543
Fire Department  Kim Strohm 508-485-2517
Health Department Scott McGann 508-495-7487
Housing Carla Feroni 508-495-7344
Human Services Suzie Hauptmann 508-548-0533
Information Technology Mike Bottomley 508-495-7409
Marine and Environmental Services  Gregg Fraser 508-457-2550
Personnel Department Denise Coleman 508-495-7332
Planning Department Melinda Maranchie 508-495-7438
Police Department LT. Douglas DeCosta 774-255-4527
Communications Center Christopher Campbell 508-495-4519
Public Library Linda Collins 508-457-2555
Recreation Center  Joe Olenick 508-457-2567
Retirement Board Kip St. Germaine 508-457-0578
School Administration Building Sharon Reid  508-548-0151
Tax Collector Tracey Cecil 508-495-7369
Town Counsel  Kimberly Fish 508-548-8800
Treasurer Tracey Cecil 508-495-7379
Veterans’ Services Don Lincoln 508-495-7450
Zoning Board of Appeals Noreen Stockman 508-495-7462