Fleet Management

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Fleet services is an organizational unit within the Department of Public Works that establishes fleet maintenance policies and procedures for all vehicles for the Town of Falmouth Public Works departments and Town Hall vehicles to ensure safe, reliable, and cost efficient use and dependability. It also is to provide safe and efficient, economically and environmentally sound transportation and related support services that are responsive to the needs of Public Works departments and to conserve vehicle value and equipment investment.

• Perform Preventive Maintenance, Service and Repairs.

• Responses to Emergency and other maintenance needs.

• To Control Costs and Reliability to Minimize Down Time.

• 24 HR. Fuel Service, Emergency Road Service.



The goal of Fleet Management is to support Public Works departments and agencies in the delivery of municipal services by ensuring that the town vehicles and all related equipment are available, dependable and safe to operate and to deliver quality service at a cost effective rate. Located on Gifford Street our central garage provides 24 Hr. fueling, repair, storage and support services for the Town of Falmouth. Presently, we are researching new technologies that will allow the fleet to be powered by sustainably produced energy sources to take the fleet into the 21st century.

The current department staffing consists of the New Fleet Manager, 2 Grade 9 Master Mechanics and 1 Assistant Mechanic to service the town’s fleet over 150 vehicles, 100 pieces of small and light equipment and ancillary equipment for Public Works, Town Hall, Parks Department, and other Town Departments.

The Fleet services department is a newly formed standalone department that was previously part of the Public Works Highway Department. Fleet Services was created to keep up with the ever-changing technology in the transportation industry that is commonplace in all energy efficient and computerized systems of new vehicles and equipment. The department is investing in new software diagnostics and equipment to help provided the most cost efficient and dependable service and support to maintain the investment the town makes to provide services to the taxpayers of the Town of Falmouth.


Fuel Depot

The Fleet Maintenance Staff is also responsible for the maintenance of the Towns Fuel Depot Facility which consists of two 10,000-gallon tanks one gasoline and one diesel fuel. All town owned and operated vehicles and equipment fuel at this facility.