Email Migration Help

2019 is bringing some essential change to the Town of Falmouth's communication efforts; the first of which is an overhaul of our e-mail systems and a transition from addresses to the government sanctioned address space.

We've made two changes with our e-mail changes: all username and e-mails will be in the following format moving forward: firstname.lastname.  As each employee is upgraded, their address space, or URL, for their e-mails will also change.  Any user with a address will be converted to, users with will become, and any users will be converted to  

If you sent an e-mail to an name and received an auto-reply saying that the e-mail changed, please note that your e-mail was delivered to the user at their new .gov address space.  All that is required from you is to change your e-mail contact list to reflect their new E-mail address.

The Town of Falmouth plans to continue to allow the use of address spaces until July of 2019 - at that point we'll add messaging to underline the best way to contact the user in question.

Thank you for your patience,

   Falmouth I.T. Department


Even though many people confuse it with their contact list, Microsoft Outlook uses a different list to 'auto-populate' the to/cc/bcc fields in your e-mail.  When typing in a new Town of Falmouth E-mail address, you'll want to clear out the old address and update it with the new address.  This is actually quite easy!

When you see their .us address come up in the to/cc/bcc field, click the X to the right of the .us entry to delete it; any auto-fills should now go the address.  (Please do this only AFTER you receive the auto-reply that the intended user has migrated to the new .gov account)

auto fill exampleWhile it looks a little different, updating the auto-fill contact information is the same process for online outlook clients (