Where can I get a shellfish permit?

Shellfish Permits available online at: https://falmouthstickers.townhall247.com


Town Clerk's Office,

59 Town Hall Square

Falmouth, MA 02540

Shellfish Permit Requirements

  1. Photo copy of driver’s license (front only)
  2. Phone number 
  3. Falmouth residential address (if not on license)
  4. Check made out to: Town of Falmouth
    1. Resident/Taxpayer $30.00
    2. Senior- 65 or older at the time of issuance $6.00
    3. Non-resident $100.00 money order ONLY
  5. If you need a new holder, add $1.00 to check

Go to: www.falmouthma.gov for open and closed areas and regulations

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