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1. I mailed my payment from the post office at midnight on November 1, why do I pay interest?
2. What is the CPA?
3. Are Real Estate Taxes in Falmouth paid semi-annually or quarterly?
4. I need to change my address for Real Estate who do I contact?
5. Is there a grace period for paying my Real Estate Tax bill?
6. Is there a drop-off box for my payment?
7. I received a Personal Property bill however, I sold my property am I responsible for this bill?
8. I can't seem to get online to pay with a credit card, who can I call for help?
9. Do you accept postmarks?
10. If I lost my bill or never received a bill, can I or a Tax Service send in payment?
11. Does the Town accept memo bills from Tax Services?
12. Can 1 check be written for several tax bills?
13. Can I pay by phone?
14. How do I contact the Collector's Office?