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Alzheimer’s Association
Phone: 800-272-3900
Link: Alzheimer’s Association Website
24-hour Hotline that provides support and information on Alzheimer’s disease. The call with experienced counselors is confidential and provides current information on programs and services.
Cape and Islands Emergency Services
Phone: 833-229-2683 (BAY-COVE)
24-hour hotline for crisis intervention for mental health or substance use - formerly Massachusetts (MA) Department of Mental Health (DMH) Crisis Hotline.
Cape Cod Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous
Phone: 508-775-7060
Link: Cape Cod Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous Website
24-hour hotline for alcohol-related issues.
Child-At-Risk Hotline
Phone: 800-792-5200
Link: Child-At-Risk Hotline Website
24-hour hotline to report child abuse or neglect (Massachusetts Department of Children and Families)
Disabled Persons Protection Hotline
Phone: 800-426-9009
Link: Disabled Persons Protection Hotline Website
24-hour hotline to report abuse or neglect of an adult (ages 18 to 59) with disabilities, mental retardation, or other mental or physical disabilities which cause the person to require assistance with daily living needs.
Elder Abuse Hotline
Phone: 800-922-2275, Press 4 (V/TDD)
Link: Elder Abuse Hotline
24-hour hotline to report abuse or neglect of elders (persons age 60 and over) in the community (not in nursing homes).
Emergency ASL Interpreter
Phone: 800-249-9949 (V/TTY)
Link: Emergency ASL Interpreter Website
Monday through Friday
8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Emergency requests for interpreters.
Independence House Hotline
Phone: 800-439-6507
Link: Independence House Hotline Website
24-hour hotline for immediate response to any physical or emotional crisis arising from abuse or sexual assault.
Mass 211
Phone: 211
Link: Mass 211 Website
24-hour hotline that connects callers to information about critical health and human services and responds immediately during times of crisis. It is a resource for finding government benefits and services, nonprofit organizations, support groups, volunteer opportunities, donation programs, and other local resources. Calls are confidential.

If you are unable to reach 211, call toll-free 877-211-MASS (6277); Hearing Impaired: 508-370-4890 TTY.
Massachusetts Poison Information Hotline
Phone: 800-682-9211 or 617-355-6609
Link: Massachusetts Poison Information Hotline Website
24-hour hotline for medical professionals and individuals for advice about drugs, pesticides, and other toxins.
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