Is this lot a buildable lot?
This is the million-dollar question. Unfortunately, it often takes a million dollars worth of legal fees to determine. There can be all kinds of issues with zoning, wetlands, septic system, deed restrictions, etc. Although the planning office cannot make a final determination, we can discuss with you what Planning Board approvals might be necessary under the Zoning Bylaw or Subdivision Regulations (PDF).

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1. Is this lot a buildable lot?
2. Is this a grandfathered lot?
3. Can I subdivide this property to create another lot?
4. What kind of access is necessary to build on a lot, if I don’t want to subdivide?
5. Are there wetlands on the property?
6. Is the property in a floodplain?
7. What uses are allowed on my property?
8. What is my property worth?
9. Should I buy this property?