What has been the primary function of each existing Commission ?
Historic Districts Commission (HDC) is a regulatory body whose role is to consider and pass upon the appropriateness of the exterior architectural features of buildings and structures constructed or enlarged, extended, or structurally altered within an historical district, in so far as such architectural features are subject to public view from a public street or way, and to pass on the permissibility of the razing or demolishing of any building or structure within an historical district.

Historical Commission (HC) is a Town Board responsible for community-wide historic preservation planning and advisors to the Board of Selectmen (BOS) on such matters.

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1. What has been the primary function of each existing Commission ?
2. What will be the primary function of the new merged Historical Commission?
3. What is the benefit of merging Falmouth's Historic Districts Commission and Historical Commission?
4. Where are we in the process of the merger currently?
5. Are there other towns or cities in Massachusetts that have a combined Commission like the one proposed here?
6. What hap pens to the current Commissioners if there is a positive vote of the electorate on the merger?
7. Assuming a positive vote on the ballot item on May 2016 , what is the process and timeline for the actual merger to be completed?
8. How will the public interact with the new Commission once the merger is complete?