What will be the primary function of the new merged Historical Commission?
The primary function will be:
- Act as the authority responsible for regulatory design review within the 7 designated local historic districts.
- Administer waivers to the Demolition Delay Bylaw.
- Advise the Board of Selectmen (BOS) , Planning Board, the Public Works Department (DPW) and other Town agencies in matters involving historic sites and buildings .
- Maintain Falmouth’s List of Significant Buildings.
- Make recommendations with respect to any place determined by the Commission to be of historical or archaeological value to the Massachusetts Historical Commission that such place be certified as an historical or archaeological landmark or nominated to the National Register of Historic Places.
- Propose as it may deem appropriate, the establishment of additional historic districts and changes to historic districts in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 40C.
- Review and recommend implementation of the Town’s Historic Preservation Plan created in October 2015.
- Work on behalf of the Town with the National Park Service, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Historic New England, and other agencies, public and private, concerned with historic sites and buildings.
- Work to educate property owners in the historic districts and expand protective measures for historic resources. Provide technical and planning advice for owners of historic buildings.

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2. What will be the primary function of the new merged Historical Commission?
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