Who can I contact to help me file an application?
The staff of the Conservation Commission can guide you through the initial steps for determining whether a permit is needed, what type of permit to file and filing an application. However, for site specific information for the property on which you may be interested in performing work or if a permit application requires engineered plans or a delineation(s) of resource area(s), the starting point should be to hire a professional firm to perform this work for you. Many firms are listed in the yellow pages under headings such as Environmental Consultants, Engineers, Surveyors, Wetland Scientists or similar headings. We can not suggest any specific firms for you. Please call 508-495-7445 for more information.

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4. Where are the Lands and Waters within the Black Beach/Great Sippewissett Marsh District of Critical Planning Concern and within the Waquoit Bay Area of Critical Environmental Concern located?
5. Who can I contact to help me file an application?