What if there are no reasonably comparable sales?
We will then consider all other factors that may affect the market value of your property. The cost to replace your building(s), less any depreciation, plus the value of the land could be used to estimate market value. For rental properties, the income and expenses could be considered. For more information please call 508-495-7380.

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1. Why are property value adjustments necessary?
2. How is Market Value established?
3. What if there are no reasonably comparable sales?
4. I have recently built my home. Will the actual construction costs be considered?
5. What will happen to my assessment if I improve my property?
6. Will my assessment go up if I repair my property?
7. How can my assessment change when I haven't done anything to my property?
8. What if, after the bill goes out, I still disagree with the assessment?
9. What evidence do I need to present to the Board of Assessors?
10. How will my taxes change as a result of the new assessment?