Remote Meetings - Zoom Instructions

The Town of Falmouth is currently using the Zoom conferencing system for all public meetings of boards, committees and commissions during the COVID-19 crisis. FCTV continues to broadcast live the same public meetings it has broadcast in the recent past. All meetings, including those not broadcast live on FCTV, can be viewed live via Zoom. Anyone who wishes to participate in a live public meeting by making comments or asking questions must do so using Zoom. Please note that as was the case prior to the COVID-19 emergency orders, public participation is required only for certain hearings as provided by MA general law. Public comment and participation may also be permitted for other matters at the discretion of the chair.

Each meeting will have a web address that  users can click to start the Zoom application.

To Download Zoom, 

 Instructions on joining a Zoom meeting – click HERE

Instructions for Using Chat to Submit Public Comment

As an attendee in the webinar, you can submit a comment or question to the Committee Chair via chat. We ask that you enter your full name in Zoom if you wish to submit public comment.

  1. As an attendee, Chat will be in the controls at the bottom of your screen.
  2. When you click on chat, the chat window will appear. It will be on the right if you are not in full screen. If you are in full screen, it will appear in a window that you can move around your screen.
  3. Type your message and press Enter to send it.
    • You can also select who you would like to send the message to by clicking on the drop-down beside To:
  4. When you receive a chat message, you will receive a notification at the bottom of your screen if you do not currently have the chat window open.

These instructional contents taken from the Zoom support website located here: