Online Permitting

New Online Permit System Launched December 6, 2021

New Users Click Here to create a UserID for Falmouth Permit Eyes

Returning Users Click Here to submit applications and view application status

To view Falmouth permits without creating a UserID Click Here for read-only public view.

Tips for Using New Online Permit System - PermitEyes:

  • To make an account, you will be asked to save your basic contact information, as well as any professional contractor licences you hold.
  • Once your account is created, go to the “New Application” button on the top left of your homepage to file an application. Select from the available permit types to open up an application form.
  • Application forms will be connected to the list of addresses in Town, so be sure to use the dropdowns in Section 1 to select the site location.
  • Red stars on the form are mandatory fields, so these MUST be filled out before you may submit your application.
  • Once your application is submitted, go to your homepage. Here, you can open up the “Status Panel” by clicking the EYE symbol on the left of your new application. The Status Panel will open up on the right, where you may attach files using the PAPERCLIP icon, or send chats to the Building Dept. using the CHAT BUBBLE.
  • Once the fee has been calculated for your application, you may pay online with the PAY NOW transaction.
  • To log back into your account afterwards, use the Falmouth PermitEyes Login webage. Be sure to bookmark this page to get back to it easily.
  • If you have submitted an application recently BEFORE making your user account, you may request for existing application records under your name to be linked with your new login. To do so, please contact the Town by calling 508-495-7470.