How do I get a mooring?
Falmouth Harbors are wait listed. Between January 1st and March 15th you may fill out a wait list form for up to two harbors, pay a $10 fee for each list, and your name will be added to the wait list. Residents of Falmouth as well as non-residents are allowed to apply for a mooring permit.

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1. How do I get a mooring?
2. How long will I have to wait for a mooring?
3. Once I have a mooring, can I sell or transfer it to someone else?
4. I just bought a house with a mooring. How do I put the mooring in my name?
5. There are moorings that never have a boat on them. Isn't that against regulations?
6. I'm buying a new boat. Do I have to inform the Harbormaster's Office?
7. I'm not using my mooring this season. Am I allowed to rent it ?
8. Does the Town Marina rent moorings or slips on a nightly basis?
9. Where can I get a pump out?