Do I need a lawyer?
Legal representation is not necessary. Many applicants have successfully presented their applications to the Board. However, you may find the process easier if you have assistance from someone who is familiar with the Zoning Bylaw, such as an attorney, an engineer or a zoning consultant.

The application process includes a public hearing, at which you or your representative must present the application to the board, and answer questions from the board. There are no restrictions on whom you may choose as a representative. Some people do not feel comfortable speaking before the Board, and therefore choose to have a representative.

This representative could be a professional, or simply a friend or family member. If you choose to represent yourself, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the applicable sections of the Zoning Bylaw, and make sure that you have provided all the necessary information. You may also make an appointment to speak with the Zoning Administrator about your application, to make sure that your application is complete.

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