Great Pond Targeted Watershed Management Plan - DRAFT - June 13 2022

The Water Quality Management Committee and the Department of Public Works Wastewater Division have been working to prepare a plan to meet the nutrient limits set by the state for Great Pond.  A Draft Great Pond Targeted Watershed Management Plan has been provided to the Select Board for consideration at their June 27, 2022 meeting before transmitting to the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office (and other distribution) for review.   The plan involves expanding the existing sewer collection system in two phases: Phase 1 includes the northeast portion of the Maravista peninsula as well as the Teaticket Path peninsula, and Phase 2 includes the Acapesket peninsula.  A lift station and force main would convey the wastewater to the Town's existing main treatment facility, and the Town's northernmost existing open sand beds would be expanded to handle discharge of the treated wastewater.  In addition, the plan involves fertilizer management, stormwater management, shellfish aquaculture in Great Pond, and a permeable reactive barrier at Shorewood Drive.  The plan also includes consideration of the next phases of nutrient management, in order to meet the nutrient limits for other impacted coastal ponds in Falmouth.  Below are links to the Draft Plan dated June 13 2022 and to each of its Appendices. 


  1. Appendix 3-1 Assessment of Bournes Pond Oyster Aquaculture Effects on Water Quality and Nutrient Cy
  2. Appendix 3-2 Best Practices Guide for Nitrogen Remediation Using Oyster Aquaculture
  3. Appendix 3-3 Request for Statements of Qualifications - Falmouth MA Aquaculture Services
  4. Appendix 3-4 Field Scale Validation of Permeable Reactive Barriers for Non-Point Source Groundwater
  5. Appendix 3-5 Falmouth BMP Pollutant Reduction Estimate Summary, Prepared by Comprehensive Environme
  6. Appendix 3-6 Falmouth Stormwater and Runoff Management Mailer
  7. Appendix 3-7 Falmouth Fertilizer Bylaw
  8. Appendix 3-8 Fertilizer Management Annual Mailers- Town of Falmouth and MES
  9. Appendix 3-9 Diagnostic Assessment of Nutrient Cycling in Mill Pond, Prepared by SMAST
  10. Appendix 3-10 Scope of Work- Technical Support for the Town of Falmouth Mill Pond Nutrient Managem
  11. Appendix 3-11 Mill Pond Nutrient Removal Pilots Update, Prepared by SMAST and Dated Aug 17, 2021
  12. Appendix 3-12 Evaluating the Effects of Replacing Septic Systems with Municipal Sewers on Groundwat
  13. Appendix 3-13 Scope of Work- Technical Support for Assessing the Ecological Health of Little Pond (2)
  14. Appendix 3-14 Nitrogen Reducing Innovation and Alternative Septic Systems Installed in Falmouth
  15. Appendix 3-15 Final Report- Designing a Municipal Model for Mandating, Funding, and Managing Innova
  16. Appendix 3-16 I-A Proposed Bylaw, Draft Dated May 2, 2021
  17. Appendix 4-1 Falmouth WWTF FSP Including a Plant Evaluation and Condition Assessment 2022
  18. Appendix 4-2 Town of Falmouth, MA Final Blacksmith Shop Road WWTF Phosphorus Removal Evaluation
  19. Appendix 4-3 Teaticket-Acapesket Study Area Discharge Technologies Evaluation- Tech Memo No. 3 2019
  20. Appendix 4-4 Additional Site Characterizations of Allen Parcel, Beds 14 &15, and Augusta Parcel - Great Pond TM-3 2022
  21. Appendix 4-5 FINAL Open Sand Beds 14 & 15 Hydraulic Load Testing Summary
  22. Appendix 4-6 Assessing the Effects of Effluent Discharge from Proposed Ocean Outfall Sites- W Falmouth - 2019
  23. Appendix 4-7 Crocker Pond, Falmouth Potential Soil Attenuation of P Migration from Infiltrating at Site 7