Great Pond Targeted Watershed Management Plan

The Great Pond Targeted Watershed Management Plan (TWMP) is the Town's plan to meet nutrient limits set by the state for Great Pond.  The TWMP was prepared by the Town's consultant GHD Inc., in collaboration with the Department of Public Works' Wastewater Division and the Water Quality Management Committee.  

Maps of Great Pond Watershed Sewer Project Phase 1 and 2 Areas and Phase 1 Project Plan 

The plan involves expanding the existing sewer collection system in two phases: Phase 1 includes the northeast portion of the Maravista peninsula as well as the Teaticket Path peninsula, and Phase 2 includes the Acapesket peninsula.  A lift station and force main would convey the wastewater to the Town's existing main treatment facility, and the Town's northernmost existing open sand beds would be expanded to handle discharge of the treated wastewater.

In addition, the plan involves fertilizer management, stormwater management, shellfish aquaculture in Great Pond, and a permeable reactive barrier.  The plan also includes consideration of the next phases of nutrient management, in order to meet the nutrient limits for other impacted coastal ponds in Falmouth.   

Little Pond Sewer Service Area (LPSSA) Project
The Little Pond Service Area (LPSSA) Project is complete.  The goal of this project was to improve water quality in Little Pond.

Current Wastewater Management in Falmouth

Approximately 11% of the Town's developed properties are connected to the Town's Wastewater System.  The remainder of properties in Town have a septic system or cesspool (a few properties have an individual treatment system or are connected to a small private sewer system).

Other Planning Projects
Find information about other water quality, wastewater and nutrient management efforts.