Ethics Quiz

Conflict of Interest Law Online Training Program for Municipal Employees

Your employer will direct you to complete an online training program on the conflict of interest law. Please follow your employer's instructions on how to access the training program. If you are directed to the program on the Ethics Commission website, you may access it on the State Ethics Commission website. Before you begin the program, please note the following in order to ensure your ability to obtain an acceptable completion certificate to provide to your employer:
  • Do not use the Google Chrome web browser; Use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari. Do not use a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, to complete the training program.
  • Turn off the pop-up blocker in your web browser. You will not be able to print a completion certificate at the end of the program if you do not first disable the pop-up blocker. If you are able to proceed through the entire program but your completion certificate does not include your name, position and municipality, you can temporarily disable the pop-up blocker by holding down the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard, and then click the "View Certificate" button on the program.
  • If you will need to print a completion certificate, make sure your computer is connected to a printer.
  • If your employer asks you to send your certificate electronically, you can save the certificate electronically by converting it to a .PDF file. You may also take a screen shot of the certificate, or scan a printed copy and save it to your desktop to email to your employer. Contact your employer if you need assistance. The Ethics Commission does not maintain any record that you completed the program.
  • Do not click the Course Credit button instead of the Print Certificate button unless you have been directed to do so by your employer. The Course Credit button is only to be used in connection with learning management systems.
If you are directed to an alternative site to access the training program, such as the municipality's website or a learning management application site, please follow the instructions provided by your employer.

Notice for Charter School Employees Only

Charter school employees are state employees for the purposes of the conflict of interest law. Charter school employees should complete the state/county online training program and acknowledge receipt of the summary of the conflict of interest law for state employees.